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Nov 22, 2012 1:00am PST
, none. and in 2011, they passed four times as many laws as congress. this was accomplished with aicism legislative tool, according to state representative david shapeera. >> the republicans are able to pass the bills through pretty quickly and easily because they have a super majority in both chambers. >> yes, a super majority. it's like a regular majority, but with a rare super power it's ability to treat others as invisible. with two-third of the state house in their control, republicans can pass pretty much anything. >> they passed a bill that said that the colt 45 would be the state gun. >> every state has a state gun. >> i don't think that's 2. there is a bill that defends us against some sort of like u.n. invasion. >> that's awesome. >> no, not really. >> sv1359 would say medical professional doesn't have to inform a woman during her pregnancy if the child has a birth defect. >> wow. it's just showboating at this point. really rubbing it in your faces. >> could be. >> it's like arizona republicans have already put the no labels 12-step plan into place. and the people of ar
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Nov 27, 2012 7:30pm PST
-law cousin should carve the turkey that i spent all day cooking because he's been struggling. you know what? let me just say this-- you cook t you kferb carve it, jeff, that's just the way it [bleep] is. (cheers and applause) now all i need is to get a relative named jack. no. (laughter) anyway, enough about endless intractable struggles amongst people to share similar dna. let's talk about the middle east. transition, transition. anyway, so while we were away the middle east exploded into violence, centering on the gaza strip. okay, that is-- (laughter) that is the great gazoo can we get a locater for the gaza strip, that is gaga's lips. that's not-- that is gosling stripped, that's not-- (cheers and applause) really? all right, fine, leave that up. there you go. all right. at least it's something nice to look at for the tough story. must be weird to be that dude. (laughter) walking into a room and people go-- aaahhhh! anyway what has been happening in the gosling strip. >> the first bus bombing in tel aviv in eight years. >> roughly 850 rockets have been fired at israel from gaza. >>
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Nov 20, 2012 7:30pm PST
that how they found out about this? >> law enforcement and multiple u.s. officials tell nbc news that emails between him and paula broadwell, his biography were indicative of an extra marital affair. >> jon: really? email? all they had to do to nab america's spy-master general is log to his email? we can intrigue that little sound bite up a little bit? >> law enforcement and multiple u.s. officials tell abc news that emails between him and paula broadwell his biographer were indicative of an extra marital affair. >> jon: how exciting. wait. ( cheers and applause ) the woman involved is petraeus' biographer paula broadwell. why does that name seem so familiar to me? please welcome to the program paula broadwell. no, no, that's not it. oh, wait. that is it. by the way, in case anyone out there thought i may have actual journalist instincts, i give you a quick snippet of my interview. >> he's a very high-energy person. he loves serving. he loves to be in the arena >> i thought i would test him but he would test me. >> crushed his pelvis. it was back in the swimming pool. from a ment
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)